Pics from my 1st BB show!

  1. Pics from my 1st BB show!

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Size:  44.9 KB Some pics from my first bb show! NPC Iron Mountain Classic, placed 1st as a novice heavyweight. Did not win novice overall though, the guy that did definitely deserved it. Had a great time, and now plan on competing more!
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  2. awesome man thats great good luck on your next comp!

  3. Awsome job,

    I can only dream of being that lean. That must of taken a lot of work.
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  4. Quote Originally Posted by Docmattic View Post
    Awsome job,

    I can only dream of being that lean. That must of taken a lot of work.

    I did put in a lot of work! And dieting, but my diet wasn't spot on...I would have liked to come in a lot leaner, and more conditioned.
    However, I did not have a trainer or coach or anything. A bodybuilder and trainer at my gym said I needed some work, and did not get lean enough. Constructive criticism! Cause now all I want to do is get bigger and leaner for my next show

  5. You look great bro! Don't worry about the leanness comment. Keep doing what your doing, amking small tweaks along the way and you get better and better.People sometimes don't understand that your 1st show means you have a long ways to go and you will only get better as you go. If you look at my website,, you'll see exactly what i mean. I didn't start nearly as on point as you but i got better from show to show.Keep up the great work bro!
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  6. For a first show, you look great bro! But keep in mind, there are always improvements for next year . Just some things that stand out to me. Your quads have good size, bring up your hamestrings to match them; just need to work on definition with your quads. Your side chest looks good, all around. Your back, you need much more thickness, lots of close grip rows.

    To sum it up though, you have a complete physique, nothing is really lacking or out of proportion. Just work on building everything up; the more muscle you have, the leaner, dryer, more round muscle bellied appearance you will have. More muscle, more definition!

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  7. good upper body

  8. Congrats bud! First show is a learning experience in itself. Taking novice heavy weight is quite the accomplishment. You'll be bigger and leaner next time around!!!

  9. I'm assuming that getting into the habit and learning from experience is best when it comes to competing. The fact that you competed in the first place is inspirational.

  10. Congrats on the win man looks like your work paid off. Keep it up and you'll be sick a few competitions from now. Definitely agree with catching up the hamstrings and thickening the back. I'd also try to thicken your chest a little more. On another hand, I'm jealous of your shoulders. If you could have gotten down to 6 or 7% you'd look incredible. It looks like you were at 8.5% for the comp. Is this about accurate? If you have a log you've been running, post up the link man


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