Two days out.

  1. Two days out.

    These pictures were taken two days out from the Jr. Nationals. Just wanted to post them. Just got them developed.

    The contest was held June 19th 2004. Although I did not do well at all I had a very good time and maybe next year will do much better.
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  2. VERY IMPRESSIVE...trying to figure out why you didn't place well .

  3. Nice back brother. Keep it up and I'm sure you will place.

  4. THanks guys. Die Trying the guys in the top five were so much better. They were better conditioned and much bigger. I think I could have squeezed in 9th or 10th place but anything more than that I don't think I was good enough.

    I need a lot more size. However, not placing in the top 15th was a surprise to me as I thought I should have beaten certain guys that did. But what can you do, right?

    I just have to get ready for next year. I'll be much bigger and better conditioned.

  5. Dam Nuteboy, you look fantastic the experience is awsome,Hey man your a winner no matter what the judges say...Next year you will own..Good luck

  6. Yeah, good job at least you're able to compete Looking good!

  7. Nice back shot bro, you look damn good but like ya said what can ya do. best of luck with your next competition keep us posted on your progress.

  8. Those are some sick lats man. Keep on keepin on!

  9. Wow, that back is freakishly look like a million bucks man....damn, you got any pics of the other guys to? You have great shape and I wish you the best in your future shows...

  10. Bro you look outstanding...I don't know how you didn't place. Best of luck to you in future competitions.

  11. Cripes man, I bet you can fit a midget in the trench in your back.

    Sick, sick, sick lats man, almost overpower the rest of your symmetry

    But damn, I'd kill to look half as good as you do.

  12. Thanks guys. Well I too thought I should have made the top 15. But I really don't know that's why I ordered the video taping of the 2004 Jr. Nationals so I'll take a very detailed look to see how I look. I'll tell you the guys at the Jr. Nationals look DAMN good. I was in awe and impressed. These boys don't play when you get to the Nationals. Hell and that was the Jr. Nationals.

    Everyone looks great and you see no flaws from no one. This was my 2nd contest so I know what to look for and what to do. I should be able to look much better next year but this year was a TRUE wake up call. Funny story. Two days out from the Jr. Nationals I was telling my wife I'm sure I'll make top 5. Well lets say after the weigh in I went back to my wife and said I'd be lucky to make top 15.

    Attached is a picture of a guy who was in my class. He won the 2003 Jr. USA and took 2nd in the 2004 Jr. Nationals. His name is Vladimir Kogan and you can pull up more info about him on the internet. Here's a couple pics. Oh the other pic is a of a friend who also did the 2004 Jr. Nationals. Lance. He placed 1st in the Light HwyWeight.
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  13. Vladimir's stomach looks really strange in the first one... honestly I would rather have your physique than his, but unfortunately I am not a judge Just remember most guys on this board would kill to have a physique like yours, you look awesome.

  14. If I had to say something to alter I would say that judging by your pics, it might have been a misflex but your right side delt looks smaller than your left side. Ummmm maybe a little more chest mass...

    Do you have any calf pics? or a Double Bi?

  15. Awsome Back & Lats Bro. keep up the work, and everything will most def fall into place.

  16. Damn dude..

    I might have to travel down to watch next year, I'll be damned to compete in it..

    Lookin' solid, brother!

  17. You were ready for the show. Like you said the competitors must have been crazy.

    The only flaw I saw, was your abs was a little blurry, and might have just been the pic.

    imo, if you could get those looking a little dryer you could take it.

  18. can someone please tell me why i cant see thumbnail pics?? please!please!please!


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