From disaster to now back to normal

  1. From disaster to now back to normal

    So this took 3 months.

    1st pic was after about a month or so of a crown royal and no food diet due to a personal crisis I went thru.

    last pic is now.

    Now time to cutt ...
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  2. Um....muscle memory? Or what cycle?

  3. Wish I had those genetics or dedication

  4. Quote Originally Posted by Machwon1 View Post
    Um....muscle memory? Or what cycle?

  5. good work! Impressive back thickness dude!

  6. thx bro

  7. Holy sh*t great job! Night/Day difference!
    I hope everybody thinks i'm crazy, because you cannot be a sane person and go through the type of pain i am willing to put myself through to be where i want to be, Once I completely win the war between my mind and body, my reign will begin. ~Me

  8. good job dude!


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