26lbs shed in 2 months - before and after pics

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  1. 26lbs shed in 2 months - before and after pics

    Although I didn’t hit my goal, I am surprised I got as close as I did. I set a retarded goal to drive myself as hard as I could, and I am extremely pleased with the results. I am amazed at what can be done in 2 months. I have learned much about weight training, fat storage and burning, and most of all, nutrition. This has been a fitness epiphany for me. I always thought to get lean and stay lean you had to be willing to do hours and hours of cardio per week, every week, forever. Now I see clearly that this is not so. To shed fat quickly you have to do cardio, there’s no way around it. But to stay lean once you get there is mainly diet. Eating the right foods, in the right quantities, and at the right times, combined with weight training is all that is needed to stay lean. Diet and timing is 80% of the equation, and weight training 20%.

    Since I’ve started this fat-loss cycle, I have learned to conquer impulsive eating, and it’s a very, very powerful feeling. I no longer impulsively eat. Eating is mechanical now. Do I still enjoy good food? Sure I do, but I am in charge now. If the food doesn’t serve a specific function that I am consciously aware of, you can pretty much bet it will not find its way into my mouth. I just don’t care. Hunger has never been an issue. I never get hungry. My problem has always been impulsive eating. The satisfaction I get from having abs is far greater than the satisfaction I get by eating a bag of salt and vinegar chips (mmmmmmmm…salt and vinegar chips). And that, in a nutshell, is the decision I make to control what I eat. “Do I want abs, or do I want this Twinkie?? It’s a simple question. Abs or Twinkie? Do I want to look like a god, or eat this plate of nachos? For me, the choice is clear.

    To see my diet and fat-loss diary look here: http://rmackie40.home.comcast.net/FatLossDiary.doc

    Now the before and after photos:
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  2. good ****ing job buddy
    you should give yourself a pat on the back

  3. Quote Originally Posted by ass2grass
    good ****ing job buddy
    you should give yourself a pat on the back
    Thanks man,
    I'd say something nasty about trying to give myself something else, but i'll save it for the trash board (bb.com)

  4. Great job Romac. What a transformation! I need to get my ass that dedicated. I can see an outline of my abs, which I have never seen before. Your pics may be what motivates me to kick this deal in gear.

  5. Damn bro you should of done that for one of the diet products. I see them using peoples pics that didn't make half the transformation that you did.

  6. Great job and thanks for the link to your whole plan. Seems you got dedicated and motivation. Grats on your accomplishment. Now if I can only drop the twinkie and salt and vinigar chips

  7. WOW! You should really be proud

  8. Awesome job.. you really did kick ass transformation

  9. what are those tats? i can't make them out from the picture, anyway you did a great job.

  10. As everybody has said, congrats! Your success is really inspiring!

  11. Great job bro you can really tell you busted ass on this one. Keep up the diet

  12. Wow from Zero to Hero in 2 mos you really look 100% better INCREDIBLE job!

    I need to do this same thing, I have this reverse anorexia thing going on, it's always after another 10 lbs lol.

    Again, great work!

  13. Awesome work.

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  14. Quote Originally Posted by Matthew D
    Awesome job.. you really did kick ass transformation

  15. a-mazing Romac...This has to be one of the best transformations I've seen someone make in a loooong time. Congrats

  16. Quote Originally Posted by jminis
    you can really tell you busted ass on this one.
    Really, I couldn't tell he farted from the pics. Guess that's why you were chosen to be part of the Mod Squad.

  17. Nothing short of amazing.
  18. Thumbs up

    Nice that's a kick ass change there budy!!!!

  19. Wow.

    You should send the before/afters to stacker 2, etc (all the ****ty commercial weight-loss supps) and claim you used their products and give them permission to use your pic for $$

  20. Wow thats great work bro...congrats on the progress.

  21. Wow!!!! Congrads, and good for you

  22. WOW, that is amazing !!! Congratulations and keep it up !

  23. Thanks everyone for the responses.

    Sorry i have not been back to reply but for some weird reason i didn't get any emails so i didn't think anyone replied.

    It's been one week since the end of that cutting cycle and I am maintaining LBM and BF. I am planning to start a clean bulk at the end of next week. I am ramping up my calories every day until then.

  24. question.....

    how the hell did you manage to stay alive through the times when you were at 1500 cals or less/day?


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