No stopping now

  1. No stopping now

    Ok, long story short I have always struggled with weight gain since I have such a HIGH metabolism. Was lanky all my younger years till I decided to put an end to it. So basically I was making really slow strength gains and was stuck at 155-160 for well over a year. Come October I finally decided to start eating and learned what it meant to EAT. Been going up in weight since.

    Oct 1st 2010

    New stats:
    Bench: 235
    Deadlift: 355
    Squat: 325

    Current weight 172lbs and 12.6% BF

    May 2011


    Current weight 190lbs and 12.5%BF

    Those are the most recent pics I have. Just started my cutting phase last week so want to drop some fat and get ripped for the summer, just like everyone else. Reason I say **** genes is because I have short biceps. So my arms have always looked small. Just doesn't fill in without the bicep. I just got back into squatting and deadlifting again, I didn't do them for about 4months due to a pinched nerve. But back into it now so looking to make some massive gains. I deadlifted 365 at 172lbs so ill be dammed if it wont be able to do it at 190lbs. Another issue I have is my size. Being at 190 I sure as hell don't look like it. People that dont know me estimate me around 170ish. Which really bums me out considering how much work and effort I put it. The guy I train with is 197lbs and looks like there would be a 40lb difference. He def can pull of being 197 unlike me. One good thing about that is people underestimate my strength considering my size. I have tried everything, obviously even gaining weight and didn't gain as much size as I hoped. I would personally say that for ME to look big I would nee to be at least 230lbs. Its like i gained all this weight and don't know where it went. Genetics are a B* defiantly going against me but I will keep moving and building.
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