Fatbody V3.0

  1. Fatbody V3.0

    I'm done with the triac anc clen for now... Ive put on a couple pounds since i have been done, but nothing dramatic... lets start from the beginning....

    after my 1test/4ad/4oht cycle weight @ 205

    here i am after my m1t cycle weight @ 215

    and here I am now with 2 more weeks of m4ohn to go... weight @ 204

    now, some of the progress is what you cant see... ive dropped some fat... and you cant see my wheels which are up about 2 inches since that first shot... not only that, they are looking quite nice...

    take a gander at those nice looking stretch marks on my left bi

  2. first pic ~2-15-2004??

    second 4-14-2004

    last one is 7-19-2004.

    heres the embarassing one... after i had fallen off the wagon (was busy with school and taking care of my late father) taken ~12-20-2003


  3. nice progress. I have bad stretch marks as well... Vitamin K lotion seems to help them. smother it on 2x a day.

  4. ive heard cocoa butter works well too.

  5. definately alooking good bro just gotta keep up with that hard work



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