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    Hey guys I'm new to the board and wanted to post some pics of me in 2003 when I did the ILL and 2004 when I did the Jr. Nationals. Let me know if you guys see a difference.

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  2. Cont.

    Just wanted to also include that in the picture with me in the blue shorts I was 3wks out from the 2004 Jr. Nationals.

  3. Chest looks like it has changed for the good... quad sweep looks better IMO

  4. lean and big , good symmetry

  5. Dam Good!


  7. lookin wicked bro...what is your weight

  8. lookin good...
  9. Reply

    Thanks guys. This year I competed at 222lbs but will try to come in next year between 238 to 242lbs. I was way too small at the 2004 Jr. Nationals. Becuz I'm tall ( 5'11") I looked to thin standing next to those guys that were 5'8 and 5'9". So next year I'm moving up to super heavy. I want to see what my shape and frame and conditioning will look competing between 238 and 242lbs.

  10. Nuteboy mah brotha, whats goin on

  11. Bro your lats in that second pic look freaky as hell. They look like demon wings or something, no

    You got some good size and low BF%.....what more could you want? Nice job and everything looks pretty proportiante to me, except those lats man, they're insanely huge...

  12. Quote Originally Posted by Jergo
    Bro your lats in that second pic look freaky as hell. They look like demon wings or something, no
    I think that is the reflection of his arms in the mirror.
  13. Info

    Sorry but yeah that's the reflection.

  14. doesn't take away from the rest of your physique...nice job brother...

  15. Had to add that you are very well built. Great job and good luck in future contests.

  16. Thanks guys. The 2004 Jr. Nationals was my 2nd contest. I'll tell you from what I've learned over two contests is that bodybuilding is VERY HARD!!! This sport is much harder than normal society people can imagine. Everyone is gunning to be the best and in this era you have to have excellent condition, excellent symmetry, excellent size.

    I just watched Mark Dugdale get his pro card and I look up to the guy. When I can look as good as Mark I'd know I'm ready. So right now I have a long way to go. Next year will be my 3rd contest and I hope to be much better than this year.
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  17. How long have you been BBing? What age did you start? You look very well conditioned. Great lats too!
  18. Info

    I started bodybuilding at 23yrs old and now I'm 32 so around 9years. Started gear at around 26.


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