8wks out .....

  1. 8wks out .....

    here is a photo I took this afternoon - currently 8 weeks out from competition weighing in @ 218lbs - down from 233lbs last month.
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  2. Nice work Rick,what show you doing....Good luck man

  3. Michigan 2004 John Simmons Bodybuilding on September 11th - then -
    Michigan Central States Bodybuilding (National qualifier) the following Saturday the 18th.

  4. Good luck, bro.

  5. Best of luck, awesome arms!

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  6. really nice triceps, I'm jealous

  7. Give em hell Rick, keep us posted as you get closer,Im doing a show the Northeast Natural in late October,I would be interested how or if your going to do a carb/sodium load and deplete before the show....???

  8. LOOKING GOOD Rick..


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