Progress. Age 17 to 18.

  1. Progress. Age 17 to 18.

    Weighed 140 the start of 2010.
    Weigh 171 now and have a four pack flexing. I hold all of my body fat on my lower stomach and on the top of my ass.
    3 Bicep Pics from July 5 2010 (140lbs) , January 17 2011 (163lbs), March 7 2011 (171lbs). Another picture is of my back which I think is my strongest point from March 7 2011, yes I know I have a lot of bacne I am trying to get rid of it before the beach at the end of June.

    During the summer(2010) I ate a lot of food woke up at 4am to lift before a 9-5 work day and ran after I got home from work still trying to keep 6-7 meals a day at 2.5 - 3 hours apart with shakes(protein+carbs) because it is easier with high school.
    By summer I want to be the same weight with a six pack and I want to hit 180+ by the end of the year with some abs going on.

    s1216.photobucket .com/albums/dd375/suoth825/Bodybuilding%20Pictures/

    i put 2 spaces between photobucket and .com because it wouldn't let me post a URL

    Avatar picture is from February 16 2011.

  2. Definitely put some significant size on your arms and back is lookin like a pretty solid base

  3. Good gains man. What supps are you taking btw?

  4. Animal Pak, Pump, Rage, Optimum Amino Chewables, NTBM Protein, CarboGainer.

  5. Added some new photos from today, chest shot, front lat shots, 2 traps one is blurry with both flexed all the way and one is more clear with the right not flexed all the way, and my tricep pictures.

  6. great progress bro keep it up!


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