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  1. Originally posted by MA$$BUILDER
    Dream you have a bad eye. Cutler looks natural to me in the pics. Its not like he is super huge in those pics.
    I wouldn't say he has a bad eye.  However I would say he is wrong.  All these guys are natural and here is why I believe so for Cutler.  (1) Cutler wrote me several e-mails and eventually ended up personally sending me those pics in the mail from his photo album--they are no copies.  Thats cool of the guy.  I guess you would have to read all the e-mails back and forth, sorry i did not save them.  But he was very honest.  Ask yourself why a guy would send photos to me and be open about everything and then lie to me about when he started using.  (2) Cutler is not "ripped" he is big.  He has obviously got more testosterone and growth than the avg. guy.  He was a big farm kid.  (3) I've got friends that could rival him and they have never even taken a multi. (4) I have done several comp.'s as a teen and have run into several people that looked way better than that that I knew were natural.  Last I will end with a question to people who think that Cutler is not natural there...I posted a pic. of me when I was 19...I know I am no Cutler, but I do think that I could have given him a run for it (In the pics of Cutler he was dieted in my pic I am out of shape).  Thats about all I got for that one.  Stay tuned..I will be posting some teen pics of a guy that we will probablly see in the future in the sport....

  2. I won the 2000 Teen Championships in Pittsberg at age 18, who am I?
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  3. I stickied this, I'm liking the oldschool photo's of these guys, thanks Chaseroy. Shows us what they looked like when they were human

  4. human? lol I'M a human, these bitches were never human... pure freakyfreaks of nature

    like pod people... but huge ass bitches.

  5. any guesses on the fresh face?

  6. Originally posted by ChaseRoy
    any guesses on the fresh face?
    Dennis James??

  7. Originally posted by Sheesh

    Dennis James??
    you're joking right...guess again.

  8. Originally posted by ChaseRoy

    you're joking right...guess again.
    Actually, yeah I was because I had no idea....maybe it's this guy (the face looks similar)..George Farah
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  9. actually it looks like that Brett Feldman kid in the face, definitely a lot more mass than the last time I saw him though if that's who it is.

  10. correct! it is brett feldman. Although it does look like Farah. You guys are too good. Biggin what do you think of feldman? I think he has got pro status easy in days to come.

  11. Lee Priest at 17.... wow....
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  12. Lee Priest at 17, and 1.3 ft tall... heh.. man what a freak though, damn. Yeah Roy if he keeps his **** going it looks like he definitely could hit pro. Maybe not tip top competitor but if he wants to I think he could get a pro card. He wasn't really anything to speak of when I saw him last, just cut like a bitch... got real mass on him now though, so I think he's got a shot sure.

  13. here is Gunther as a junior.  These guys all had a great base to work from.
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  14. Cool pics Chase. I like the who am I format. Personally, I don't have the "eye" for spotting whether one is juicing or not. However, in these pics if they were juicing, it was in relatively small amounts compared to the boatload of gear they take now.

  15. damn how long do you think Lee Priest has been training for in that pic?

  16. Originally posted by ChaseRoy
    new guy...also clean at this point.  Goes to show, gear doesn't make the man, weights do!
    there is noway that black dude is clean, no possible way...alas he may be clean at that exact moment but he has used before
    edit: gunther priest none of them guys were clean then,
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  17. i would like to look like that feldman dude...

  18. Man, this is the best thread ive seen on any boards, im new to these boards but this thread gets me excited, (not in that kinda way) but i love to see what the pros look like when they were kids, In flex the new one the show some pics of pros when they were younger not as good as these thoough, they show nasser at 18 and he cant be 130 pounds.

  19. not a nasser fan at all myself, it IS very interesting to see these kinds of pics though, I dig em... reminds me just how lacking I am genetically lol


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