guess who?

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  1. Originally posted by ChaseRoy
    new guy...also clean at this point.  Goes to show, gear doesn't make the man, weights do!
    there is noway that black dude is clean, no possible way...alas he may be clean at that exact moment but he has used before
    edit: gunther priest none of them guys were clean then,
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  2. i would like to look like that feldman dude...

  3. Man, this is the best thread ive seen on any boards, im new to these boards but this thread gets me excited, (not in that kinda way) but i love to see what the pros look like when they were kids, In flex the new one the show some pics of pros when they were younger not as good as these thoough, they show nasser at 18 and he cant be 130 pounds.

  4. not a nasser fan at all myself, it IS very interesting to see these kinds of pics though, I dig em... reminds me just how lacking I am genetically lol


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