after the m1,4 and super one+ pics

  1. after the m1,4 and super one+ pics

    i posted these in my log as well, but i figure i should also post them here weird the, the scanner stretches em out a lil so it makes em look ten pounds lighter than the original unscanned pix. o well, here ya go
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  2. looking really sound
    although that picture of your laying down is disturbing to say the least.

  3. lol my girl took all the pics. i tiold her to pic out good ones to post on here. lol, im lookin at it now and can see why some might think a lil ***AZEY. lol

  4. Lookin' a little 'International Male' in that layin' down pic bro. Other than that good work, keep it up.

  5. lol thanks man. boy am i gonna get crap for that layin down pic lol. just a tad ***azey

  6. haha yea its all good though. You are looking solid. But as big squid said, tell your girl less 'International Male', more 'Mens Health'. Seems like you had a pretty successful cycle though. Keep up the good work.

  7. good pics bro definately looking good, how did the cycle go any good or bad points ?

  8. hey, thanks fellas. like to hear the feed back. to answer hip hops question: felt unstoppable on cycle. definite real good gym highs. only downside was some hairloss in the shower, and a pimple here and there. however, post cycle, which i am currently in the last leg off,...sux. i think everyone can agree it isnt the best of times. it messes with you pyschologically, to know that you're "not on". but im pushin through. trying to ignore those negative vibes. however the sides are showing now. just got over some quasi flu that i had last week so it hampered my workouts. finally feelin better. another side is a crazy increase in acne post cycle. im going to assume that this is due to my natural hormonal levels coming back to life. hopefully when i get back in the gym monday i wont have lost too much. before i got sick i was still up 8 pounds from the start, so cross my fingers.

  9. Chest looks very solid. What's your chest routine look like?

  10. Hate to bring back the dead but your chest is exactly how id like mine to look eventually... if you COULD post your chest routine thatd be awesome

  11. Wow good work.

    What do your wheels look like?

  12. The bed shot, lol. Whats your weight? Stats?

  13. I wanna see the wheels damnit! Good size but looks like your upper body towers over the lower.

  14. lol sorry havent been on the bored enuff to answer ya lately. yes, i do want to work more on the legs of course. but i think 75% of us bodybuilders worst parts are our legs. they are my vice btw these are old pics look for the newer ones type realsoundjim in search and look for em they are a lil newer


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