bodyfat estimate?

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    Yeah... considering that many people show Abs at 12% and lower... would be pretty hard to believe that at 9% you didnt have some form of abs. My abs were damn near showing at 14%
    Yup, at 12% I can see six of mine.

  2. i'd say 10 ish, but the pics dont help.

    abs showing at 8? that's ridiculous. there is more to abs showing then BF, although it is the big factor. Someone with developed ab musles will show abs around 12%.

    I think most ppl have been guess-timating less then they are.

  3. id say 10 at the most, and shave ur forearms!! lol.
    but seriously it would help to show off some veins

  4. i think these show better how low in bf and muscular i really am :-p
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  5. Do NOT shave your forearms for any You look good, probably 7-8% IMO. A little body hair would make you look even more like a man though...

  6. if you want to know your % go to your local college and speak with a exercise physiologist professor teaching exercise testing and offer to be a lab rat for his/her students to test. when the dunk you in the pool you will know the best estimate.


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