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  1. Before & After

    Just an encouragement to the skinny guys that it can be done. The first pic I weighed 120 lbs. The second pic, 195 lbs. A lot of food and heavy lifting but it can be done.
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  2. You look better in the first pic... In the second your just fat!!!

    Jk jk!! You did a damn good job!! How long did it take?

  3. nice work man

    how long did that take you?

  4. It took about 8 years. I know im not huge or completely shredded. In high school and in my early 20's I was sickly thin. After "the drug phase" I decided to start training and eating properly. I gained on the average 10 lbs. per year. Im 34 years old. So, considering my bone thin frame and lack of "meat" I think I did well. It's amazing how much confidence one can gain just by being healthy.

  5. Well I almost thought you were a boobless teenage girl in the first pic, LOL....

    But nice job, anyway!! Thats a pretty nice gain, for sure!!
    True story:

    I give a f**K!!

  6. Great results, did you get those tats after you gains? they look pretty cool.

  7. Nice work bud. BTW that tat on your left side is sick! I love it!

  8. hahaha damn bro - funny, but good job

  9. I am same build as u were really hoping to be about 10 lbs less than ur after pic! Great job sir thanks for the post

  10. I can only see the after pic?????? Nice ink though!!

  11. tremendous transformation
    Suffer the pain of Discipline OR suffer the pain of Regret

    Hit that Iron !

  12. great transformation!


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