The begining of my BB experience

  1. The begining of my BB experience

    Hey guys, I am here to post some before and after pics. I have been lifting for a few years, but I started lifting more seriously about 8 months ago. I ran a cycle of 4AD Transdermally twice a day, and I was doing M5AA 20mg once a day. I've been off that for about 3 months now and haven't gone back to another cycle. I've been debating what if I should be focusing more on cutting and then bulking, or to not worry so much about cutting and bulk. My current stats are:

    13-16% BF (Estimated, not actual)

    Any help would be appreciated.

    Sorry for the quality of the pic, its all I could do. Taken from a webcam.
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  2. Hey glad you're now taking bodybuilding seriously

    Personnaly, I would cut first, since I like being fit and lean all year round, about 12% bodyfat maximum after a bulking cycle. During summer, I like to get down to about 8-9%.

    It is more a personnal preference. If you think you're still looking pretty good, then you can bulk, on the other hand, cut.

    But IMO, a bodybuilder should stay lean (abs showing) during all year.

  3. Yeah I agree with being fit year round. It sucks when you gotta drop the BF%. Right now, being in college, it's hard to find a good diet routine cause I'm broke as hell and I don't have a lot of food. Basically I have been doing a diet that looks like this.

    Eggs or Oatmeal

    1 cup of Brown Rice

    Chicken breast w/brown rice maybe a salad.

    I haven't done anything to figure out my caloric intake and carbs, protien, etc...but I can assume it's pretty low right now. I do however add protein shakes between meals to give me the protien I need. My plan for cutting is basically cardio 5 times a week...
    I try to run 2 miles each time or if I'm using a treadmil or eliptical trainer, I go for about 30 minutes low to high intenstiy. Since I am low on resources, let me know of any good foods to buy for my place so I can get on a more benificial diet. Thanks for the help.

  4. Just my opinion but I would definitely look to get the BF% down. You can gain muscle while you drop the fat until you get to really low BF percentages. Take a look at some of Iron Addicts articles as he has posted some insight on on how to go about doing this.

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