My 4 Month Progress

  1. My 4 Month Progress

    Any progress? All pics are relaxed.

    Start: 6'1 150 Pounds
    Bench 95 , barely could pull out 6 reps for 1 set
    Deadlift 135 , was worried about my form at first
    Squat 135 , wasn't that hard , did about 8 reps

    Now 175 Pounds
    Bench 150 , pushing 5 reps for 3 sets
    Squat 215 , 5 reps 3 sets parallel
    Deadlift ( Having real trouble getting form) Can do 225 with poor form..

    Pics here.
    forum.bodybuilding.c om/showthread.php?t=130511373&highlight=dirtymanjames

    Would continuing strength training until I stop putting weight up , then changing to a BB routine getting a bit bigger , and then cutting . My over all plan is to be aesthetically pleasing.. soo..

    Supplements : Creatine Monohydrate

    I know I have gyno , I'm really embarrassed by it and I want to get rid of it without surgery, would just losing BF and working my chest more decrease it?
    Also I'm only 17 , but I think I've had gyno for awhile like 1 year +

  2. 25 PBS in 4 months naturally? Very nice. Don't worry about the gyno until you're a little bit older, it usually goes away if it's pubertal.

  3. Yup, naturally and I didnt get on creatine until 2 weeks ago.. Thank you

  4. Your forearms look bigger. Which is problem isy forearms are so big my biceps look small

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