me in 1999

  1. me in 1999

    1999 wt 268 bft 13%
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  2. So how are you looking now? Have you made progress??

  3. crappy , actually i am at 255lbs and about 11%bft will post new pics at the end of feb

  4. Well you made some progress! That picture from work? What do you do for a living?

  5. i am a supervisor of the nutrition dept at a local hospital. messy desk huh? i made progress like growng older cause now i can enter the masters .hahahaha

  6. that is the thinks fit... sounds like you have had great progress since 1999

  7. Supervisor of the nutrition department... that sounds interesting... what type of things do you do in that position?


  8. make sure the patients get their proper nutrition . attend to special tube feedings which is a joke. the stuff that they give the patients is crap comparied to what we as bodybuilders
    take. i am over food production in the dept. i also teach clasess on evrything to do with nutrition and the patient. i head several committies and hope to get certified this year in sports nutrition.


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