My transformation to bulk over a year

  1. My transformation to bulk over a year

    Most of this was over ten months, I started at 155 and dropped to 145 before ending up today at around 180-183.

    Before: Photobucket


    In the Spring:







    LOL ok my arms are still small


  2. look good bro, great seperation. keep at man!

  3. thanks man, im still bulkin up, see if I can get 190 before track season and my cut. thanks for the encouragement!

  4. hmm I don't see any difference, u sure all that weight were mostly muscle ?

    you look like an ectomorph, EAT EAT EAT EAT + a sick workout routine
  5. vadox6466
    vadox6466's Avatar

    no way in hell you gained 40lbs from first to last pic, unless you happened to grow an additional 3" during that time span

  6. Haha, well the scales dont lie, and neither do the lifts. could be the camera Idk. Im alot wider, bicepts are about 2 inches bigger around, neck, waiste, chest and shoulders are all bigger. I didn't grow out or proportion, so your not gona notice anything crazy. and this isnt post workout. I dont know what you guys want me to tell you, haha. I have been eating like crazy, anyways I was 183 yesterday, scales at home say near 185 today so Ill check the ones I go by at the gym later. but I was around 155 during the middle pics so its only 25-30 pounds. which then again is a good bit. but its spread out over my entire body.

    hmm I don't see any difference, u sure all that weight were mostly muscle ?

    you look like an ectomorph, EAT EAT EAT EAT + a sick workout routine
    You can see bigger arms, my abs show through more even though im up like 3% bf from then, shoulders and traps are bigger, chest is wider, etc... im 16 and im not PHing so its not gona be ridiculous lol.

    no way in hell you gained 40lbs from first to last pic, unless you happened to grow an additional 3" during that time span
    Actually I havent grown at all Ive remained the same height throughout.

    and you say no way in hell, but that was when I first went through my first "real workouts" and started really getting into lifting. so up til about 165 or a little less was noob gains just from working out and natural increase in muscle. After that I had to work hard and eat like crazy and smart to get the rest. plus you look at creatine and I flux 6 pounds up or down depending on if Im taking or not. Its possible to gain that much , I have no idea why you would say it isnt. albeit it difficult, not impossible.

  7. If you cant see how I went from being skinny and narrow to fat and wide from the two sweat pictures you may need glasses...
  8. vadox6466
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    nice beard for 16

  9. Bro, We here don't care about what you think ! people are here to help you and let me be honest... YOU HAVE NOT Gained 40 pounds ! There is something wrong with your routine or diet ...

    I hope my negative honest comment motivates you to work out harder

  10. lol I like when you say, Ok My arms are small Hahahaha Your whole body is small man ! but you look good for 16 )

  11. haha yea I know everyone says they think im older because of the beard etc... anyways I know what your trying to tell me and trust me I got motivation those top pics are around 155, I dont have any from when I weighed less than that. I basically went from no muscle and fat to no muscle and no fat, then started gaining again. IIf you want to get technically I gained around 25-30, minus water weight , minus the probably 5 pounds of fat I put on. Id say around 20 pounds of muscle. I got my BF checked and I have 167 pounds of lean mass. that means my lean mass is 12 pounds above my starting body weight when began lifting. I mean the pictures may not prove it to you guys but I have had our best linebacker on the football team ask me how I got my bis so big over summer...( and my bis arent even big, like 15 in) our D end who looks like a bull told me I got stronger, and pretty much the world has asked me if Im on something like protein or creatine (lol). As for my diet and routine. my routine seems to be working good but Im going to hit something new here once my shoulder is fully healed. my diet is good, albiet I dont watch it too much because I just try to take in 5k calories without too much fat, especaly bad things. I never eat desert or anything bad (ok sometimes) and most of my fat comes from dairy, peanut butter, gainer shake, and meats. I also have been working out and teaching a kid who is a senior this kid alot of workouts and got him pretty strong, hes almost benching with me and weighs 166 ( 160 without creatine, because we had him weigh off and on) and hes known through school as "Roids". apparently I am also but, I just say, I wish. If I were on roids Id look like Markusrulezzz and they give me a puzzled look. Anyways, my traps are huge now alot with my delts and shoulders, my pecs are 100 times more solid and my abs stil show despite God knows how many pounds of fat on my stomach. my legs are getting insanely ripped now that Ive started deadlift and squat, and I feel more solid than I ever have. I find myself on occasion throwing kids around who used to think they were something.

    Bench Last winter-135x3
    Bench now- 245x3

    Squat - 275 x 10 3sets (havent maxed)

    Deadlift 315 x 3

    lat pull downs- 295

    Row machine- 235 x 6

    BB row - 175 x 10 ( I have problem keeping form if I go much higher)

    DB Bench - 85s x 7 95s x 4

    pullups - 17

    I dont skull crush anymore because my left arm cant do anymore than like 20 on the EZ bar without swelling up ruining my workouts

    Bodyweight 179, off of creatine and Ive been sick for 3 weeks. cant sleep, Im insanely dehydrated and my workouts suck. my should has been acting up so ive been off yesterday and today until maybe saturday with some kickboxing and normal pushups and other stuff in to keep me going. All the lifts above are during sickness, so after Im over this I should bounce up a little

    And like you said im 16, Ive still got alot of growing and gaining to do, but maybe Ill measure up to your standards one day

  12. fyi I was up to 186-187 before I got sick. I will try to find a pic somewhere of when I was smaller haha... and get new ones up, I have to admit being sick got me pretty cut.


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