KBD 5'11 194lbs

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    Consider yourselves lucky.
    can't grow the guns?

  2. impressive...lats are wide!

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    This picture with your arms crossed looks like the halloween costume you can buy with big arms lol. It's just an odd angle and makes them look disproportional. This is how a cycle should be done though, you look fantastic. It gives me hope for the future, good job brotha!

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    Started working legs today after a long while, it seems deadlifts dont hurt my knees at all, so i can continue to use this exercise, maybe it will strengthen my knees.

    I havent done deadlifts in 3 years, i use to squat most of the time for legs.

    But i know 405 isnt a impressive pull, but for an injured knee and not lifting with legs for 8 months id say its pretty nice.

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    Haha ****ing sick bro! Intense as a motha! Drop those sons a bitches through the floor! haha now we're training!

  5. damn bro..nice build..arms looks big! deadlifting in bedroom=awesome!!! hope you're knees get better soon.

  6. Awesome arms and back looks good too!

  7. Upper body looks good, lower kind of has chicken leg syndrome. Sucks that you injured your knee as squats would probably add 10 lbs to your legs

  8. + Arms
    + Shoulders
    + Lats

    - Legs
    - Chest

    Traps are okay


  9. I find that incline bench press and dips with legs behind/leaning forward are best for chest by far...

  10. Well im gonna start really shredding up and clean bulk for spring and shred for summer again. I kinda did everything backwards but its ok ill reverse it. Yeah dude the arms just blow the **** up i dont even have to train them rly, ill do bicep curls maybe every 2 weeks and i just do alot of chest work for the triceps. (Close Grips, Incline Bench Flat Bench) etc. Sometimes ill do dips. But im an ectomorph and the only way we build muscle is eating alot and lifting heavy ass weights.

    Anyways, cutting will be easy for me, waist is a 34 right now, want it down to AT LEAST a 31 in 6 weeks, going for a 30 tho.

  11. Must be nice to have natural arms - worked hard for a long time just to get to 17" cold. Your waist looks tiny in the first pic - guess the wide back makes it look much smaller.

  12. Attachment 36106

    Thought id show some more!

  13. Hey man, I would like to see pics after your Prop/tren/Var cycle i think i read you were beginning to run. Sick cycle, so try to remember to post pics post pct on that baby.

  14. Great back man! Definately jealous of the arms.

    And pulling 405 in your bedroom!! Thats great. What do your room mates think about that?

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    Results have short prop tren and var cycle.

    Was cutting. Went from 35.5 inch waist down to 32.

    Still cutting, running Torem and TRS for PCT.

  16. Lucky I can't grow my guns... Just my chest and back... I way big arms!!!! Lol

  17. How's primordials pct treatin you

  18. Massive. Good work. Now put some clothes on.

  19. how much more fun is it cutting while using a cycle than while doing it natural?

  20. Just curious how big are you arms? I struggle to get mine to grow... My lats blow up... But arms are puny... And my chest grows but no arms.... I want arms hahaah


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