1. Strongchick

    I am not too proud of this pic, the BF is high right now, but I:m posting it anyways.
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  2. Body fat cant be too swfully bad, your vascularity is pretty prevalant as well as the definition....especially in your bi's. Very nice job Jess.....

  3. You have some great definition and form in your upper body and arms. Nice Delts. Keep it up and great work.

  4. Jess.. looks like the traps are coming on very well.. plus what everyone else said.. good pic
  5. Thumbs up

    Nice work, looks good Jess. As YJ said, that BF% isn't bad at all for winter, looks great!

  6. avatar is good stuff too, good job dawg!

  7. Originally posted by Jarconis
    avatar is good stuff too, good job dawg!
    Jar don't call a woman dawg. Think of something better bro.

  8. I think it was more a friendly thing than a personal thing man....

  9. *sigh
    A girl posts and everybody gets all up tight...
  10. Nelson
    Nelson's Avatar

    what`s your status now Jess?

    Are you cutting or bulking?
    I think you have a great body.
    In fact, better than most of the guys at my gym.
    IMO your delts are your best part.
    How do you train them?
    Do you do any exercises specifically for your brachi?
    The reason I ask is because they look like they could do with some more.

  11. I agree with YJ, bf doesn't look that high. You look great. Keep up the good work.

  12. How big is your arm?

  13. You look good. Lowering BF in women is much more difficult then men. I have hepled a few women do it, with "supplements" of course but it is still a tough road to get really low. once there some women really like not having there period as regularly where as others do not. of course you know much more about that than i ever will.

  14. Nice back in the avatar pic.

  15. I just can't get over the avatar pic... It looks great!! I know that you probably get alot of men saying that, but from a bodybuilding standpoint, I really think your doing an excellent job! I would love to see some more pictures.. Nice side chest as well!


  16. Your avatar pic (is that u?) Man i sure would love to wake up naxt to a nice fit body like yours! My gal is so into herself he FAKE tities r her life & this wanna b PAM ANDERSON **** is drivin me waky I need to quit datin ti ti dancers & start datin chics from the gym that look like you! You definately r a cutie (from what u have showed us) .How about some frontal & face & bikini shots?

  17. so any recent pics?




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