Photo from the Michigan NPC Novice 2004 competition

  1. Photo from the Michigan NPC Novice 2004 competition

    I took 3rd place in the heavys on March 27th...
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  2. AWESOME JOB.. Glad to see you did well Rick.. So what is next? Nationals?

  3. I'll do the Novice again next March, then Nationals in May '05. I'm working on saving $$$ for all the damn steak n' chicken I'll be eating to diet down properly - 12 weeks out.

    Right now I'm back on Methyl, Creatine, Weight gainer (ProLab NLarge2). I know that there are key points I need to focus on right now, shoulders, leggs, obliques and back.

    Thanks for the props bro!

  4. WOW! That pic and the pic in your avatar look totally different! VERY, VERY IMPRESSIVE!

  5. Good JOb!!!!!



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