Tansformation in progress 290-275 6'4

  1. Tansformation in progress 290-275 6'4

    I know I have a LONG WAY to go but I just wanted to get some feedback, I played football in college and weighed about 310 at my playing weight. Since i graduated I pretty much became a lazy ass, I dropped to 290 but it was most definitely a loss of muscle. I just looked sloppy and fat. I started getting back in shape and made up my mind i want to be proud when i take my shirt off and not feel like a fat ass. My goal is to get to a lean 240 and maintain mass. I was curious as to how many calories a day, and how many grams of protein i should be taking in. My current supps are Anandraulic State GT, OxyElite Pro, Lipotropic protein, and once i get my BF% down I will be adding in a PH. Like i said before i know i have a long way to go but i am committed to achieving the goals i have set for myself. Also, i have pretty much maintained a football workout and was curious where i may be able to find some workouts that would more suit my needs for transformation. I appreciate any help anyone could lend. One last thing, these pics are taken after about 3 months of getting back into the gym.
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  2. good luck bro.

    no one can tell you how many cals to eat, each body is different regardless of its size. you need to keep a meticulous journal of EVERYTHING you eat and drink for about two weeks, add up the calories... if your weight is the same then there is your maintenance number of cals.

    if you are just trying to cut up right now i would probably start to carb cycle. there are a few different ways to do this, i go mon-fri low. sat-med, sun-high. others do it on a more daily l-m-h schedule. i would spend some time researching carb cycling.

    but its going to be real hard to figure a diet plan wihtout knowing your maintenane number of cals. we do know youll want atleast 300g of protein a day though.

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