New pics............

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  1. New pics............

    Remember my old thread?
    Updated M1T

    Well here are some pics that I just took today........BTW, I'm now down to 200lbs
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  2. Here, I'll line them all up so you can see the progress.........

    This is 11 months worth of work..........


  3. holy **** dude - great work. Your face almost looks like a different person.

  4. I'm somewhere between 16-18% bf right now. I would like to get down to 12%. I still have about 20 more lbs to lose before I become lean like I want to.

    The problem is that when you lose 70 lbs that fast, your skin doesn't go back. So I am probably gonna need surgery to fix my skin around my stomach.

  5. Dam that is great progress fly...Keep cranking man...Nice job!!!

  6. Hell yeah bro....thats some dedication right there....keep it up...

    You definatley look a hell of a lot better...nice job

  7. Good work, the transformation so far is awesome.

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  8. Great job. Could just be the loss of bodyfat but it seems like you have gained some LBM as well, congrats.

  9. Good work man. I can especially tell in your face. Your bi's are starting to peak a little as well.

  10. You should be proud dude..what you did takes a lot of heart.

  11. Awesome work; keep it up!

  12. if we all could have as much dedication.

    excellent job, the most difficult thing is just sticking with it, and it looks like you have overcome that...


    you do look like a different person.

  13. Right on bro! Looking awesome, unbelievable transformation!

  14. Wow, you look like a new man. Keep at it bro.

  15. wow GREAT job dude, i mean really really great job!!!!

  16. Most Improved Member Award goes to Fly.
    Great work bro.


  17. you lining up the pics like that really shows your efforts.... dude you look great keep it up and youll hit that 10% before you know it... i know you said you were looking for 12% but once you hit it youll want 10 in a hurry..

    GREAT JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  18. Nice work.

    I can only add that the look in your eyes is different as well. You look happier somehow and definitely more determined. Props dude.


  19. Hey bro! Thats F*#@ing impressive! Keep it up man.. Inspiration!!

  20. Fly, you've done an awsome job. You look like a new man. Keep up the good work and good luck!

  21. Great job! You already look like a whole new you.

  22. hi jim here iam new on the scene but pic looks good i need to lsoe 70 fast what did u take to do it give me a recap PLEASE BRO also heres email [email protected] if u like to write let me know

  23. Congratulations - keep it up, you are doing great!!!!!!!!!!! Don't worry about the skin, it is slow to catch up. And you likely are holding some water as well. Best of luck - you have clearly changed your life style - and life span

  24. Try not to bump an 'OLDER THAN TIME®' thread.

  25. Quote Originally Posted by Ziricote
    Try not to bump an 'OLDER THAN TIMEŽ' thread.

    HAHHA 32 years later


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