6 weeks out pics to the USA!!

  1. 6 weeks out pics to the USA!!

    I have been training hard and hopefully i can nail my condition... I will be competing in the lightweight division and hopefully the bodybuilding gods will bless me...
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  2. Ripp'd Bro!

    Very nice.
    Just inject.

  3. Nice double bi.. Last shot looks solid too. Keep it up

    All posts are for entertainment purposes only.

    Need2slin... NOM NOM NOM :yup:

  4. Lightweight? LMFAO bwahahaha. Id give my left nut to be that big.

    I like the 4th pic down, your shoulders look huge and it really emphasises your v taper

  5. Pretty good there , hey since your my height , i was just wondering what size is your arms, if you dont mind saying it, just to give me and ideal of size arms for me lol thanks buddy and good luck .

  6. You look like you have plenty of time to nail it right, just don't peak a week early

  7. you are the biggest 160lbs i have ever fuggin seen dude! nice work. your back looks incredibly wide, which im quite jealous of. i cant get my back wider to save my life.

  8. thanks everyone for the encouragement...Barloute my arms measure just under 16 1/2 cold...

    There will be alot of great guys there and it will be a fun contest...I just have to keep my sanity!!!

  9. Thanks saxon, thats about what i figure if i could get around 16 inch i would be happy , well keep working hard buddy , I am sure you will do good and keep us posting on how you did, good luck.

  10. second coming of franco columbu?


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