Flawed's Progress

  1. Flawed's Progress

    Well guys... Many of you on here know me... I thought it was time to show where I have come from and what I have accomplished as of lately.

    When I graduated high school in 2003 I was slim, not much muscle but worked out alot... Went to my first semester at college... lived in the dorms and did the party hardy thing.. Put on like 18 lbs in one semester

    Anyways lets jump to 2004. I joined the Marine Corps... boot camp pretty much left me skinny but without much muscle since all the workouts we did we endurance based and all my strength was pretty much done for

    Jump ahead to 2005. 2005 was probably the peak of my fitness up until recently anyways.

    This is me April 2005

    Well things were going great... until August 2005. In Aug 2005 I sustained a head injury that left me with a crack in my skull, a blood clot in my brain, a contusion, and i was bleeding 3 spots internally with a swelling brain. At first they were suspecting they would have to drill into my skull to relieve pressure but that didnt happen. Luckily I came out of the injury with no side effects... consider I had 2 doctors, a nuerologist, and 3 nurses tell me that the majority of the time a person with that severe of a head injury is dead, comatose, or paralyzed.

    Well with the head injury I was to keep activity down. I wasnt able to run, lift or workout for almost 6 months. By the time 6 months was up I was 21 years old and ready to party

    From 2006-2009 I partied... A LOT. I ended up getting myself into trouble and all kinds of crap. Well I tried working out... I worked out on a off a month at a time all 4 years.

    In March of 2009 my girlfriend (ex gf now) went to mexico.. while she was gone I decided I was gonna step on the scale. Now usually around that time my weight hovered around 216... I stepped on the scale and HOLY FXCK it said 228... my heaviest ever! And come to find out that scale was 7-8 lbs light

    So I decided it was time to get at it!

    From March to about July i workedout nonstop. Did some supp logs for Controlled Labs and my buddy RenegadeRows and here is was I accomplished

    At the time I felt like i made good progress... looking back i think I just got skinny fat and lost a chunk of muscle

    Jump ahead to late 2009... winter came... i got laid off... drinking ensued!

    Jan 2010 I decided to take a class at my school. And almost all of it was core work... I never realized the beauty of core work until then. All of my maxes went up. Once the class was over in March i continued working hard and ran a log of Alpha-T2 for nattydisaster and the PES boys and here is where you have me today

    As of today im sitting at about 206 on a accurate scale

    From March of 2009 to now my widest point which is love handle to love handle has dropped from 42 inches to 37 inches. I have dropped from almost 24% body fat to 14.99% the last time I got check a month ago

    I give all of the credit here to my dedication, my new dedication to diet, and the guys over at PES for the AlphaT2 which im sure was also pivotal in my progress... Stayed tuned... gonna run one more bottle along with some other goodies!


  2. Some very nice progress grunt... In your beginning to end of bottle one and end of bottle two... I see how it targeted your lower abs beautifully.

    That right there is some dedication my man.
    The Historic PES Legend

  3. Jeeeez man you DID IT GREAT!!!!!!!

  4. Very nice progress!

    Keep it up.

  5. Awesome job! I admire your dedication and discipline.

  6. Looking great bro.
    I will work for supplements!

  7. This is some real motivation. Im glad to see supplement companies helping out. That helps im sure, but the real pump comes from that drive, that inspiration... Wanting to meet and exceed your goals and not stopping til you get it. Good job!

    All posts are for entertainment purposes only.

    Need2slin... NOM NOM NOM :yup:

  8. Looking good Semper FI brother

  9. THanks Gents! Its still coming along! I have more pics in about am month or so! Down 2 lbs since the last pic

  10. Damn Good Progress... boot camp eats muscle for sure...


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