4 Month Progress Pictures

  1. 4 Month Progress Pictures


    gotta link to another thread, cant post pictures here yet. any critiques?

  2. steroidz? , look good man wait till you put on another 15 lbs of muscle , im scurred.

  3. One hdrol cycle from February to March. That was what cut me up. Now Im trying to pack lean muscle back on.

  4. good work how you planing to do the bulking?

  5. No more cycles, but I want to have a semi-clean diet and eat a lot. I'll cut once I'm back up to 205 or so.

  6. lookin good man. thats a hugggeeee improvement for 4 months. kudos

  7. awesome progress for only 4 months - reps bro
    Back.... for real this time

  8. Good progress.

  9. sikk looking good man

  10. Huge change in 4 months.


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