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  1. Question help with build

    I've been lifting for about 3.5yrs now pretty hard and been lurking on here for a while following different people's logs.. Started out at 155lbs and now sit at 203-205lbs and height is 5'8.5" been tryin to bulk pretty hard for the last 8 months.

    really been considering starting my first simple cycle of test-e for 10 weeks. what do you guys think? I'm 24. any guidance is appreciated on what to focus on and whatnot. I know I've got a bit of meat on me but I'm not concerned with lean, just wanna be BIG.

    current measurements with a tape:
    thighs- 25.5"

    any estimates on bf%? i have no clue. guessin 18-20% ?
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  2. I would guess 16-17% bf. You have decent base IMO.

    I'd say diet, traps, chest thickness, outer bicep, upper back thickness and tricep mass should be your main focus. Consider weak point training these spots.

    It would be much smarter to address your diet first before starting your cycle. I say this cause a bulking cycle is going to add some fat and going into the cycle with a fair amount already means your gonna look puffy as hell.
    It could also mean a higher risk for estrogen related sides but if you insist on running a cycle soon I'd consider and AI like exemastane. How old are you?

  3. I'm 24.....Good to know about the puffiness, don't want any of that so I guess I'll hold off on it a bit more.
    chest for me has always been a weak point, i dunno why.
    right now I've been doing GVT since i started to plateau a good bit in certain sections and will be cycling that into my lifting routine changing it up every 6-8 weeks.

  4. Thats cool, make sure to get some heavy incline bench negative rep sets in. they've been helping me with upper chest strength.

    Providing you can lower you're BF% before your cycle, I'd recommend getting something to kick start your test E. Also make sure you have some sort of estrogen control, do not skimp on these precautionary measures. Either get exemestane or arimidex in addition to the usual pct stuff.

    I'd personally run exemestane 25mg EOD while on any test cycle and use Dbol at 40mg-50mg for 5 weeks to kickstart the gains. Clomid for PCT.

  5. you and I are same height/weight bf, I started my first cycle 26 days ago, Test-E/Dbol. I think that is a good beginner cycle. You can check out my log if you like, it's posted in my signature. I am loving the cycle so far. My goal is to actually do two bulk cycles in a row and then cut naturally, or maybe with light amounts of gear.

    But lookin good man, keep up the good work!



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