fatbody V2.0

  1. fatbody V2.0

    and here are the pics after my 1test/4ad cycle a few months ago

    and after my m1t cycle...

    I was rather disappointed with this cycle, as I was trying to cut some fat while gaining muscle.... didnt work out too well... didnt gain any fat (except there at the end, when I changed my diet) but I didnt gain a lot of muscle either.

    205 in the first pic... 215 in the second.

  2. At your physique level, it may be better just to shed the fat then add the lean mass. Doing both is very difficult and often results in not much movement in either direction.

  3. yea... I found that out the hard way... heh...

    I just got too ambitious... here in a few weeks I'll start trying to cut fat, and cut fat only.

  4. Good luck mate. You can do it. All it takes is focus and staying positive.

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