What does 5'9 180lbs 10% Look like?

  1. What does 5'9 180lbs 10% Look like?

    I'm currently 180lbs and want to get cut! Any one have any pics so I know what im working towards?

  2. If you're 180lbs now and want to cut, you won't weight 180 lbs when you're at 10%

  3. Well, I'm 5'9.75, 184 pounds with 9.9% bf and I feel I don't look all that cut, I may not even get ab definition that well until I'm down to 7-8%bf

  4. If you don't have abbs then you aren't that bf %....

    Your abbs should be visible at 12% bf, at 9% you should have the lower v coming in good and maybe even a vein or 2.

    How are you measuring your bf%?

  5. ^ Werd, unless u have really crappy genetics that places the majority of your fat right on top of your abs

  6. Thanks for the post so....pretty much once I cut down and recomp I will probably wheigh 170lbs? Pics of current body coming soon.

  7. I'm 5'10 and just finished a cut from 205 to 185. Think I'm gonna drop 5-10 more pounds though. Here's the end pics.
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  8. it looks alright. research it more.


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