How do you post pics??

  1. How do you post pics??


  2. vadox6466
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    Hello brownie. Hereís a liíl tutorial on how to put up pictures.

    Your photo has to be housed online. Unfortunately, you cannot simply attach a .jpg or other attachment. Thatís just the way it is. It is not our place to question.

    To post an image, enclose the full URL complete with http:// in the image tags, like this:
    [IMG] your url [/IMG]

    (I had to include spaces in this example, or a photo of an angry squirrel would have popped up instead of the proper text.)

    Make sure itís all on one line- no hard returns. Youíll seeÖ it works!

    And.. ahem. The same forums rules applies to photos as it does to words. Stick to the subject, nothing too offensive, no selling stuff.

    Have at it.

    (you can use an online webular site like to provide the online house storage medium)

  3. thanks man. I just tried to do it and it said I need 50 posts lol wow. Chocolatemilk will be back in the house after 50 posts! thanks vadox I got how to do it now.

  4. above 50 posts and then create a photobucket accounts and link the url of the image to the post.

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