How to stop stretchmarks??

  1. How to stop stretchmarks??

    well nevermind, I can't post a picture because I only have 12 posts. GAY

  2. 13 now

    Have a look at Flawless and Java lather soap by RPN. Their both supposed to be pretty good at reducing the appearance of stretch marks.

  3. You can buy the lotion that pregnant women use to prevent strectch marks. I've used it before, and it seemed to work. There's nothing that really prevents them though. Also, just make sure you drink loads of water. The more water you drink, the more elastic your skin will get.

  4. I"m getting them pretty badly on my biceps. It's not noticeable right away, but you can see them. When I work out they turn a shade of pink, then normally, they go to white. I got them years ago when I worked out, all I did was arms (younger kid mentality). Now that I'm hitting it hard again, I'm afraid they are going to get BAD.
    I'll post a pic when I can.

  5. I got em too..



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