my specs..wat are urs?

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  1. my specs..wat are urs?

    hey fellas, old member, first post..
    well i have been lifting about about 5 years now, and have really been getting into it the last couple of months. im 18 now, and well, here are my specs:

    arms 18in
    neck 18 in
    legs- 25 in
    chest-50 in

    bench- 245 x 6 reps
    db shoulder press- 105 (each hand) x 6 reps
    db bench- 120 (each hand) x 8 reps

    am i missing anything?

    and here are a few pics from a few months ago...
    more to come...

    tell me wat u think
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  2. legs? what kinda numbers are you pulling for squats/deadlifts?

  3. yeh bro lets see the wheels
  4. some more recent pics

    i dont really work my legs as hard as my upper body, a bad habit i need to break, but here are some more pics

    tell me what u think
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  5. If your legs are really as weak as you say they are, that's all I can tell you to work on, everything else looks pretty decently proportioned.

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  6. nice where're the leg pics dex...and you definately need to work on your lower back some...

  7. Quote Originally Posted by zeromagnus
    nice where're the leg pics dex...and you definately need to work on your lower back some...

    Ditto. Doing so will launch to the next level very quickly. I used to be the same way..all upper body training with no squats or deads. Once I started I jumped up about 20 pounds in weight.

    Gotta build the foundation before the rest of the house.

  8. not being a dick...but you sure those are 18" arms or is that fully pumped?

    i agree w/ everyone else on the wheels

  9. Quote Originally Posted by JonBlaze639
    not being a dick...but you sure those are 18" arms or is that fully pumped?

    i agree w/ everyone else on the wheels
    I was going to make the same comment earlier...I just didn't want to be the first one to be a dick. LOL

  10. i must agree...i dont believe you on the 18" arms...definately not 18" cold...let's see a tape measure pic dex...

  11. oh yeah...and if you were my weightlifting partner, you would have no choice but to do would do them until you liked them...or until you stopped fighting me and coming up w/ stupid excuses like "i gotta throw discus tomorrow"

  12. Easy fellas....I think he looks pretty good for being only 18 yrs. old. I know what I was doing when I was 18, and it wasn't lifting weights.

    Good job bro, keep it up and by 20 yrs. old, you'll be something else....I only wish I could have taken advantage of that age bracket then....

  13. also, are you getting enough protein dex? you should be getting somewhere around 300g/day...

  14. ill take some more pics towards mid week,
    but as for supplements, after i finished the bag the u helped my buy (erik) of ON whey , which was about 6 months ago, i havent gotten anything im pretty much living off chicken breast and skim milk.
    ohh yeah, and ive been taking creatine on and off, but nothing more than that
    and as for the arms and the rest of the measurement, those were taken pumped.

    and i have a new PR, today i bench after almosting kickin one of my suitemate's arse, and i jumped to

    265 x 5

    all the adreanline, i guess...maybe i should pick fights more often
    but erik knows i wouldnt hurt a fly
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  15. you have a good base dude, especially at 18.

    if i can make a recommendation it is to go to (its free) and log in your daily food, and see where you're at on protein and calories and such. I can almost 100% tell you that chicken breast and skim milk is not nearly enough protein and by using fitday you can see what you need to increase. It should do wonders.

  16. oh and another thing. try to have someone else take your measurements, perferablly someone who knows what they are doing.

    Dont get me wrong, i hate to keep dwelling on this, and i'm not trying to be a dick. I mean i dont doubt you legitimately tried to take your measurements, and although they were taken pumped, a 50" chest on someone who is 5'7" looks a bit different than your pictures

    once again, not trying to be a dick, but i'd have my measurements retaken, not pumped by someone who knows what they are doing. The main reason being it is a good way to have an idea where you actually are currently and how much progress you're making.

  17. yeah...give us a side chest shot so we can see this massive 50" chest

  18. I'm 5'-9", same weight, the same measurements or even more.. Not a flame, but I don't feel you have a 50" chest.. Buy a MyoTape, you can measure yourself better with that..

    Looking good so far, though!

  19. Myotape will definitly be of assistance to ya. I dont even see 18" in your neck let alone 50" in your chest.

  20. I do have to say this. At 18 years old, you have built yourself a good base. I wish I had the knowledge and/or advice back when I was 18 to have trained properly. The internet was even around for the general public back then. Hell, computers hardly were too. Damn, I'm dating myself here.

    Anyways, stick with it and take the advice from those who are knowledgeable here.

  21. Whats a myotape and where can I get one???

  22. myotape is just a measuring tape which makes it easier to measure than just a tape measure. 1fast sells one here. dunno who else does****574

    if you plan on buying one but dont have a way to measure fat i'd grab this combo. It's some fat calipers plus a myotape.****806

  23. I have that combo thing I've noticed about the Myotape is that you have to add an inch to its measurement. I dont know if I got one thats screwed up but when measuring w/ a regular tape and the myotape measurer, the myotape come up short an inch. The calipers seems pretty accurate though.

  24. Or you can just buy a fabric measureing tape from just about anywhere. There like $2 from any fabric or sewing shop.


  25. Thanx fellas, I normally use a plain 'ol tape measure but the damn thing is about to fall apart.....thats from all the measuring done from my last cutter, LOL...


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