Please help Jake...

  1. Please help Jake...

    Allright, I put some pics up here a while back but i had a question for some of you guys. As you can see from the new pics im fairly lean, probably sitting at around 10%. But the majority of my fats sittin around my handles. Everything else is lean, just not the handles. what would you boys recomend for helping get rid of the excess fat. Don;t really think i need to cut, I still have a lot of size i want to put on. Any inputs appreciated
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  2. Very lean,you look pretty ripped to me....Are you doiung any cardio and how is the diet...Try upping your protien and reducing carbs but only for a short time...Give it 2 weeks and then tweak your diet as needed...

  3. Yeah you're definitely pretty lean. Have you ever tried a topical fatburner like Lipoderm Ultra or Lipoderm ODB?****26****27
    I've heard nothing but good things.

  4. Yeah, I've been considering the topicals. was never quite sure what the concensus on those were though. I THink i might the ultra a shot. If not, I might just have to deal with it till i decide to cut. Guess i can't be too dissapointed wtih the fat to size ratio ive put on though

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