kinda gettin there... a little

  1. kinda gettin there... a little

    March 16th 2004

    April 15th 2004

    Bodyfat slowly melting but the end result is non negoitable......

  2. Keep truckin' bro!! Lookin' better w/ each update you post. How many pounds total is it that you've lost now? Great job...

  3. Keep up the good work. You are making good progress, I can really tell in the delts and biceps.

  4. Progress is definitely noticeable. Keep up the good work!

  5. You are like a bull, big and thick. Good job mate.

  6. lookin good bro! keep it up.

  7. Holy ****.... I'm ganna go cry myself to sleep tonight.
    Awesome work Madman, just makin me realize i need to really get my ass in gear here.

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  8. very nice, awsome progress after just a month. if i took pictures of 1 month apart you couldn't notice ****.

  9. Talking Good Job!

    You can definitely tell you are leaning out bruh keep at it!

  10. Hey thank's alot guy's let me tell ya the support here is second to none, that's why this forum Rulz..Stuff is starting to happen but painfully slow but maybe that's good so no loss of muscle mass and no stretch marks from losing 40lbs of fat...I am so focused right now I am feeding off the dicipline. I plan to compete in the New England show this July or August in the Masters Division 45 and older (us ole Gezers) If im not totaly ripped yet and where I need to be, I will wait a year......But I got to tell ya you guy's motivate me. I read all your post's and I love it when someone post's a progress pic it is so inspirational especially you Beast, I was motivated by your story most of all...\

    PS: My wife started working out, she bought a total gym,well at least it's a start....
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