Offseason Quad

  1. Offseason Quad

    5'9 226-230lbs...
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  2. a$$hole...

    ...lookin sexy M16 (slight homo)

  3. Nice quads man! Do you do all kinds of squats such as the front squats, hack squats, etc..???

  4. i want thoughs measurements right now please

  5. 28-29in...Holding some BF right now. Diet starts soon.

  6. Nice quads man!!! definitely can tell a lot of hard work went into them!

  7. lord thos are some wheels man good woork, you must squat children school buses

  8. Very Big into squats, Heavy leg presses and barbell lunges...They look much better when I'm dieted down...Anyways that will start soon.

    Thanks guys it's much appreciated.

  9. A little leaner
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  10. dam impressive!!!

  11. Thanks...Changes will happen fast in the next few weeks....Hopefully.

  12. pure nastiness... i love it man, cutting up well my dude

  13. Lookin good bro.

  14. wow looking huge love the veins everywhere keep up the good work keep us posted as to the leaning out.

  15. Thanks guys...Cutting just started a week ago and it already sucks...LOL.

  16. Nice quads man! Those are the results of hard work!

  17. Very impressive M16!

  18. Couple Calve pics
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  19. wow is all I have to say I can't seem to get my calves to grow though so I look small in the legs


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