Mdrol lean mass gain

  1. Mdrol lean mass gain

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    Day 7 of mdrol cycle

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    Day 28 of mdrol cycle [last day]

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    Day 16 of pct

    I am about the same weight on day day 7 as I am on day 16 of pct. I lost some bodyfat and gained some muscle. What would you guess my bf% was before and after?

  2. not good at the body fat percentage part of things, but nice work, really lean and dry look...ripped

  3. looks good man...not good at guessing either but id have to say 12% first pic, 8% last pic...

  4. Thanks for the good comments. Will try to get leaner over the next 2 weeks. Maybe I will add a 4th pic

  5. Keep up the good work
    PHF Rep


  6. looks like u were 12% and now 11s to 10.5%

    Kinda hard to tell. Looks like u were not flexing on the before pic - lighting is def an issue also.

    BTW nice strength gains.

  7. glad the cycle went well for you
    Your fastest weight is your best weight

  8. Looks like it went well. Awesome!
    Just inject.

  9. Lookin good. Definitely around 12% before and now are probably in the upper 10's

    You'll look sick at 8%

  10. Nice gains and improvement. Would put you somewhere around 10%.

  11. what did ur cycle look like? What pct are u taking?

  12. awesome !

  13. how many calories/day did you eat? any cardio?

  14. Wondering same thing on diet, nice to see some m-drol cycle pics, hard to come by.

  15. how bout a batch #?
    Suffer now.. and live like a champion later.

  16. looking good.

  17. Keep it up, final outcome looks great


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