Contest pics (Southern USA championships)

  1. KFlex
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    Contest pics (Southern USA championships)

    This past saturday I did my first show and I had a blast I placed 4th in the novice division and 6th in the Mr. Panama city open class.
    Here is a link to another site where I posted a few pics.****2145

  2. Good job K! Can tell you worked your ass off. Really paid off for ya. Good luck with your training for next season!

  3. Awsome....!!!!1

  4. Good work and congrats!

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  5. Talking Dayum! Flex

    Go KFLEX It's ya BIRFDAY! Ha! Congrats Bruh looking great!

  6. There ya go bro, congratulations man...Your front lat spread looks pretty good..

  7. Awesome job..

  8. nice work dude

  9. damn good job bro. i remember seeing your bulking pics over the past year, and you look nice and cut here. congrats

  10. Damn good work, brother!

    I'm no longer the only competitior on here, I like that idea..
  11. KFlex
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    Thanks for the comments, I'm gonna try and put on some more size and come in more coditioned for next year.


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