like 3 year progress lol

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  1. like 3 year progress lol

    i think im less than 200 in all these pics ill get more after this summer when i finish my cycle

  2. Great transformation.

  3. Thats a picture of your little brother, stop messin around and get a haircut.

    Just messin with ya, you made some serious progress!
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  4. damn dude.

    nice work. what cycle are you running?

  5. very solid my brotha.

  6. well i know that aint a natural transformation lol. what did u run? and great job!
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  7. good work son! what u run?

  8. Quote Originally Posted by R1balla View Post
    well i know that aint a natural transformation lol. what did u run? and great job!
    Quote Originally Posted by IronAddiction View Post
    good work son! what u run?
    lol all ive ran is sdrol in all those pics i havn't gotten any new pics up from after my test cycle yet

    how many cycles?

  10. Solid. Keep up the great gains.

  11. nice gains, looking alot bigger

  12. what made you decide you wanted to change your body so drastically?
    Sweet transformation dude

  13. Damn solid progress man - nice work!


  14. ****! nice work man even with anabolics thats still one hell of an accomplishment

  15. Did you eat that kid at the top of the page
    Suffer now.. and live like a champion later.

  16. Nice work Bro!!

  17. what'd you do for your calves?

  18. Quote Originally Posted by rocky911 View Post
    what'd you do for your calves?

  19. i would absolutely kill for those calves... wow
  20. vadox6466
    vadox6466's Avatar

    everything is great but place greater emphasis on upper chest in the future!

  21. Great proportions

  22. nice work and dedication!!looks like you put the work in for sure!!!keep up the good work!!

  23. Nuts! Sick transformation.

  24. you're way too good at taking pics of yourself haha lmao
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  25. nice hair, also nice muscle density.


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