like 3 year progress lol

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  1. wow great job

  2. Quote Originally Posted by vadox6466 View Post
    everything is great but place greater emphasis on upper chest in the future!
    ^^^ this and hit those abs. Other than that great job! Cut that mop.

    LMFAO @ the 145 pic! Keep it Up

  3. purelife1
    purelife1's Avatar

    dude you went from Adam Lambert in the first pic to Rafeal Nadal in the second pic..thats an amazing transformation

  4. brilliant transformation

  5. I call BS!

  6. damn good arm development i noticed, what workouts do you do for your arms mostly?

  7. huge back

  8. Great progress!

    i can see your porno under the bed

  9. your profile says your 240 now... if you got to that over the summer, i gotta see pics
    Suffer now.. and live like a champion later.

  10. damn dude good job


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