Juiced's 3 Year Progress.....

  1. Arrow Juiced's 3 Year Progress.....

    Well I rarely come on here but Ive been skimming through some pics and theres soooo many 150-160lb guys on here so I thought Id post some pics up as to what dedication in training & diet can do.........

    * First pic is a pic from about a month ago, sitting a bit above 220lbs

    * Second pic is back in summer '07, sitting around 165lbs
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  2. nice traps bro!

  3. UKStrength
    UKStrength's Avatar

    Nice V-Taper too mate When you're ripped it'll be even more noticeable!
  4. Arrow

    Thanks guys. Put alot of blood, sweat, & tears into getting my body to where its at. Start my next bulk in about a week or so once im over this flu.....

  5. nice work man

  6. damn ur username is misleading.

    haha jk bro lookin good!


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