New here, these are progress pics from last month to now.

  1. New here, these are progress pics from last month to now.

    old lat, new lat
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  2. old bi, new bi
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  3. relaxed
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  4. yes, I realize I am a fat bastard and need to cut, I am in the process of it now, I have had to take the past couple of days off due to a back injury, but Ill be back monday. I just started taking clenbutrx and am going to order some clenbuterol soon. Any advice, comments, feedback, whether negative or positive is appreciated.

    I have been working on my back the most, it has gotten stronger in the past 30 days, so hopefully it has gotten better, see any changes?

  5. SS, how much do you weigh? What's your diet like?

  6. Quote Originally Posted by SCORPIO
    SS, how much do you weigh? What's your diet like?
    these pics are at 209. I am cutting right now, so my diet has changed quite a bit. I do not follow a "set" diet, but rather a diet based on rules here is what I have eaten today and what a normal cutting day looks like for me.

    1. wake up, 8 egg whites, 2 1/2 yolks, bowl of oatmeal with splenda and cinnamon, take my multi vitamin and 5 cc of liquid clenbtrx

    2. 2 hour later I have a 3 scoop prtein shake w/ water

    3. next meal is all chicken breast, dont know how much, probably about 12 oz.

    4. train and take another 5cc of clenbutrx(5 days a week, one muscle a day, and either HIIT or some kind of cardio like basketball) for instance today I ran 8 100m sprints all under 14 sec and with one minute rest in between sprints.

    5. same as meal 2 (in between working out, and cardio

    6. 2 cans of tuna

    7. ribeye steak

    tan for 20 min.

    6. 2 handfulls of jelly belly jelly beans, and a carb solutions chocalate bar with 240 cals and 20g of protein (sorry I cheated)

    8. same as meal 3

    sleep like 10 hours

    that is my day, in between all that I go to class at EIU.

    any other questions? and why do you ask?

    as you can see, my carbs are almost obsolete, I am extremely sensitive to them. and I try to eat them only in my early 2 or 3 meals.

  7. Reason I ask is because you and I are about the same build. I weigh a bit more 215-217lbs, but thats prolly just extra fat . I imagine If I took a pic it'd look like the ones you took. I don't think you look to bad/fat. Your diet seems to be in check......I think you'll reach you goal if you keep focused. Just remember, if you're going to eat carbs (cheat) eat them early in the day and make them low oats,yams ect...stay away from the jelly beans I'm one to talk, I eat whatever I want when ever I want....then again, I'm not cutting.......but I will be trying to soon after PCT.

    Also wanted to might want to look into Tri-max (triac) from I've heard many good things about it and will be trying it soon. go to the site.....find 'articles' and read up on has good/promising info. Good luck!

  8. thanks bro, I try to stay away from the crap, but sometimes I give in, I(m doing way more good than bad though.

  9. Looking good bro! I can definetly see some potential...abs, arms looking solid


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