Pics - Post Bulk / Pre Cut ... Comments?

  1. Pics - Post Bulk / Pre Cut ... Comments?

    Morning all,
    I am just starting out on a slow cut following a bulk over the festive period.

    Current Stats = 5ft7" and 13Stone 9pounds (aprx 87Kg)
    Aim for June = 12stone 7pounds (aprx 80kg)

    Im planning to start the cut with just some simple changes to the diet:
    * No alcohol mid week - Just allowing for a few weekend beers (approx 6 pints)
    * Clean eating - Plenty of protein from food sources & good carbs
    * After 8 to 10 weeks I plan to start the Gaspari Fat Burning Cycle to shed stubburn fat

    I have attached some pics taken last night after a back & shoulder session.
    (Sorry for the pic quality & posing - hard to set timer & get into position for a good shot)

    Please comment .... would like thoughts on how I look now / what to work on / current BF% etc etc.

    For info - Current routine is a 3 day split (over 4 days per week)
    Monday = Arm Workout
    Tuesday = Back & Shoulders
    Thursday = Chest & Legs
    Saturday = Back to Arms & we continue round.
    At the moment Im loving the workout.
    I start each session with 10 mins HIIT Cardio & I mix AB's in to each workout as Im resting between sets.

    Cheers in advance for your thoughts - Will / UK
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  2. I would guess your bf to be around 25-30% your training regime is vauge but seems to be fairly weak. you need to do heavy back squats, deadlifts, wide grip pull ups, military press, bench. I think at your stage you should drop the arm specilization all together. you have large muscle groups on the same day... thats insane... it takes me 2 hrs to do legs and 2 hrs for back. I am wiped out at the end of each workout so you are most likely not doing enough for either.

    You also need to drop the drinking and come up with a nutritional plan and stick to it. who knows what your idea of clean eating is and since you have not posted it, we cant help much with that. I hate the term cut and bulk. I have gained 25lbs of lean mass and dropped 5%bf at the same time. it can be done regardless of what you hear.

    Good luck

  3. Cody - Thanks for the reply & advice.
    Bit of additional info for you on the points you noted:

    Body Fat - I think your spot on with that - Last summer I was around 12.5stone (where i want to get back to) and was looking alot leaner.

    Arm day - This is a new thing for me - Never used to do arms (just let other exercises wear them down) but I did an arm session and loved the 'pump' so decided to stick it in.

    Current Routine (aside from arms):

    Chest = Incline Press / Incline Flies / Flat Press / Flat Flies (I prefer to use DB's as I have one bad wrist & I dont want to see one arm take over) - My max DB Press is 40Kg Dumbbells for REPS - thats the max at the gym.

    I also like to hit the chest with 'round the worlds' 'dips' & press ups' to get blood into the muscle.

    Back & Shoulder session = This is usually along the following format:
    Wide Grip Pull Ups
    Lat Pull Downs
    Cable/Seated Rows or Deads or TBar Rows (Depends on availablity in gym)
    Reverse Seated machine Shoulder Press
    Rear Delts

    Standard Shoulder Press (DB's)
    Side & Front Lat Raises
    Up Right Rows & Shrugs (usualy done as drop sets til totally burnt out)

    Legs = I used to play rugby & had massive legs - I was weighing 15stone then - after originally shedding down to 12.5stone I lost a lot of size on the legs... Now I try to stimulate growth with heavy Leg Presses / High Rep Squats / Leg Extensions & Calf Raises.... But to be honest my current leg workout (before chest) usually lasts no more than 20 mins.

    Finally Diet:

    I know that beer is a big NO NO and as a result im cutting back as much as i can without it effecting social & home life too much - ie: Just 1 day over weekend (apprx 5 to 6 pints)

    Food - Im not a sweet tooth person so I have always eaten pretty well - but massive portions and sticking to the 3 set meals a day.

    I have now tried to change this and am eating much more regular - example of todays food intake would be:

    8.30AM - Cerial Bar
    10.30 AM - I had some pork mince/cottage cheese/salad
    12.30 PM - (in a few mins ;-) Im having a Mackereal Salad
    2.30 PM - A Banana
    7 PM - Evening meal - Tonight it will be home made CHILLI

    I am planning to start the following - please let me know your thoughts as its just my own idea and im not sure how it will go:

    Mon/Tues/Wed/Thurs = Minimum Carbs (Only from veg/salad) All other food to come from Tuna/Fish/Chicken/Turkey/Lean Beef Mince/Pork Mince/Eggs/Cottage Cheese

    Fri/Sat/Sun = Keep healthy to a maximum but allow for some pasta/rice or cous cous to be included.


    Current supplements been taken:
    HGHup - Just started an 8 week course
    Preworkout = Superpump 250
    Intraworkout = SIZEON



  4. I don't do a lot for legs.. but it takes me an hour at LEAST.. 3-4 sets of everything I do.. leg ext, squats, leg press, lunges.. then I do hams after, lying curls and straight leg deadlifts. I think you should take more time to focus on the major muscle groups. If you group anything together add bi's with back and tri's with chest..

    I would do cardio after your workout. Why waste energy on cardio that could be used for your muscles?

    Diet.. if you want to lose weight, that diet is fine.. If you want to keep your muscle mass while losing fat, it needs work. A cereal bar for breakfast isn't sufficient. You need a bigger protein/carb rich meal to start your day. Egg whites and oatmeal are pretty standard. I was eating 3 egg whites and 2 whole eggs and a half cup of oatmeal for my "cutting" diet. You didn't mention protein shakes either.. I try to supplement my protein sources a little more during a cut, and lean more towards whole food during a bulk.

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