5 years off and on

  1. 5 years off and on

    pics are when i started at 5'10 135 lbs, 2 years in at about 265, last summer @185 , and currently 178....thoughts ...suggestions?
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  2. Do some heavy weighted dips brah to fill in some of that inner chest.. Other than that great progression!

  3. the biggest issue im trying to hit is the extra skin around my arm pic where my chest and front of my shoulder meet its something ive always had

  4. Pec Flies and real wide grip bench may fix that with time...

  5. lookin good dude, keep up the fit life

  6. well bought a book 101 workouts and its changed my life

    started sticking to a routine and i can say my body has transformed itself in just 3 weeks alone
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