1 year progress pics...

  1. 1 year progress pics...

    thought I'd post these up, so critique away

    I spent about 8months bulking from about 75kg (165lbs) to 99kg (218lbs)... been cutting the last 4 or so months maybe even 5 (its going fkn slow... and im too slack to get a strict diet) down to 85kg (187lbs).

    Abs are slowly starting to come through (top 4) when I stretch.

    Waist line at 218lbs bloated up to 39" or 99cm and is now at 84cm or 33"
    Hoping to get it down below 80cm or about 31"... but I think I'd have to start strict calorie counting

    Strength has dropped maybe 10-15% in my lifts in the last 4-5months (all at the start) but has stayed steady since then - not getting any stronger

    Am planning to keep cutting to lose another 1-2" off the stomach (why the hell not? I've come this far) even tho I'm still a pencil neck and cannot wait till about March when I start "bulking" again (more clean this time! 18% bf wasnt comfortable)... really want to focus on bigger legs (squats!), shoulders (military press!), benching and deadlifting... compound lifts rule

    Anyway here are the pics from just before I started lifting

    from 218 to where I am now I've lost about 6" off the stomach which makes life generally a LOT more easier especially in t-shirts... and comfort in pants... I think 15% should be a limit in terms of how fat you get in a bulk

    I have side on photos I can add of me looking pregnant with a 99" waist and comparing that to the half-ok 33" I got now... but cbf uploading for now

    Any advice for my cut? I wana finish this ****... I hate cardio... and I just wana clamp on more plates on that squat+dead !!

    fyi: cut has been 2 HIIT cardio sessions per week (25mins). Originally started with cycling (stationary at home in front of tv) - 30seconds on, 90 seconds rest. Did that for 2 or so months and then tried sprints - 10seconds on - 50 seconds rest. Got a sore knee from that so just doing jump-rope atm - 15seconds on / 45off for 25intervals. Diet is slack - heavy carb days on leg/back day. medium on chest/tri & shoulder day. Zero carbs on 2dardio days and 1 rest day.

    Generally just try keeping carbs to the first half of the day (low GI), and keep meal portions to about 150-250g servings max per 2-3hours.

    (the left pics - before I started lifting - the quads look like they have some size - this was due to the cycling I did when I was about 16-17. I started my early teenage years overweight at around 200lbs before I fell down to those first left pics @ 160-165 in a 3month period)

    Long term goal is to hit a lean 220lbs in a few years...
    have a 500lb squat + dead for reps within the next 2-3 years (coz all that matters is squats and deadlifts! fuk bicep curls - I'll live with small arms for life )

  2. Nice progress and I know what you mean about T-shirts being easier to wear when you reduce your waist. I've been cutting for a few weeks and have 1.5 inches on the waist and even this small amount makes a big difference.

  3. lookin great. quite a transformation. how long do you plan on cutting before you begin a bulk again?

  4. The difference in your back is awesome.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by swollwilliams View Post
    lookin great. quite a transformation. how long do you plan on cutting before you begin a bulk again?
    I was thinking the end of the Australian summer - end of feb... so when autumn/fall starts in March. Thats another 5 weeks to lose that remaining 4-5cm but with the plateau I've hit now I might struggle to get there - oh well.

    I might be moving houses at that time too - to some small outback town which may not have a gym... (or at least a squat rack!)... so if that happens I'm in **** creek for about half a year until I return to the city cause I wont be able to eat heavy and lift

  6. nice legs man!

  7. too small and too weak!

  8. throw in some e/c to break the plateau

  9. Quote Originally Posted by panther77 View Post
    throw in some e/c to break the plateau

  10. Ephedrine/Caffeine.

    Excellent progress, man.

  11. awesome job man
    Your fastest weight is your best weight

  12. Ephedrine is illegal here in Australia. No chance as far as I know to get my hands on an ECA stack

    I got no clue about taking caffeine, how much etc and if its worth it alone or even with the A-sperine?

    I got something from my store called "Meta Slim B2" (I think mainly guarana)... apparently works well for a lot of people and from what I've googled on other forums people liked it.. gives a good energy boost... but if its helping me or not I dont know

  13. Awesome dude, around 205-208 you'll look shredded!

  14. Quote Originally Posted by lmaiuri View Post
    Awesome dude, around 205-208 you'll look shredded!
    Haha I think with my current size I'd have to be about 180 to be shredded... god forbid maybe even a little less... but as for 205-210... another 2 years maybe of good eating and heavy compound lifts...?

    I'm over the cut! hate it...!


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