should i cut or bulk after 110 pound weight loss?

  1. should i cut or bulk after 110 pound weight loss?

    hey there i was at 6foot 1 330 about a year ago now im down to 220 i got a held held that tells me im rite at about 14.5% body fat,, do u guys think i should keep cutting or bulk up?
    im worryed if i get too much thinner too fast my all ready somewhat loose skin will sag and its become harder and harder to slim down.. i know the more muscle u carry the easyer it is to cut down. ideas?

    also what do u guys think my body fat% is at?

  2. The Capt can see no picture to refer to . . .

  3. it gets harder and harder as we get older to lose weight,

    i would never bulk if i were you, but would eat just enough to maintain and try to build some muscles,

    how old are you?

    how did you loose weight?
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  4. i would just keep eating clean about 3000-4000 cals a day and work out intensly and you will look good and still shed some fat and at that weight you will look good man

  5. get some pics up

  6. oh i found it ok well i would do what i said and just go for pure muscle now


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