Poll: should i cut or bulk after 110 pound weight loss?

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should i cut or bulk after 110 pound weight loss?

  1. should i cut or bulk after 110 pound weight loss?

    hey there i was at 6foot 1 330 about a year ago now im down to 220 i got a held held that tells me im rite at about 14.5% body fat,, do u guys think i should keep cutting or bulk up?
    im worryed if i get too much thinner too fast my all ready somewhat loose skin will sag and its become harder and harder to slim down.. i know the more muscle u carry the easyer it is to cut down. ideas?

    also what do u guys think my body fat% is at?
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  2. bump........

  3. Very impressive man! Congrats on the weight loss. As far as bulking or cutting, what are your long term goals?

    Pick up a set of calipers to check your BF%, more accurate than the handheld things...

  4. well i turned out to that i had to have a bunch of dental work done this past week so now im gonna just keep on cutting hope fully drop 10-20 more pounds

  5. Take it easy from here. Slow steady gains that will maintain your low bodyfat yet maintain your size, if not improve it

  6. Man I was 320 at 6 feet tall, ny question to you is, How did you get your stomach so tight. I was really big in my stomach area and have what i like to call a fat deposit pouch. Im really leaning up eveywhere else, its just this pouch wont go away. Im also not considering plastic surgery. Thanks


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