My 1 Year Progess

  1. My 1 Year Progess

    Hi all, new member here and glad to be here.

    December marked one year that I have been "back" in the gym. I'm 23, have a 3 year old, and started my own business 2 years ago - so took a break until about a year ago to get my life to a comfortable place.

    Anyways, here is a picture of m progress.
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  2. That is really solid progress man.. keep it up.

  3. very nice, some insane lean gains for 1 yr, keep it up.

  4. Def. dropped a couple BF percentages too, good job man!

  5. Great job - Specially when considering all the responsibilities you have.

  6. Good job man. being muscular can make a person look leaner. AMJUNE50 50 % off

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  7. Thanks for the comments guys - it feels really good to be back in, and I am glad I got back to a point in my life where I could get back in. My days are stressful with the business and the family, and the gym is definitely the best stress relief for it all, not to mention it's MY hour and a half everyday, and that time to myself is invaluable.

    I'll keep everyone updated on my progress - I've set-up some hefty goals for myself this year and am going to work hard to reach them.

    I am glad to be a member here, looks like there are a lot of classy guys (and gals) here.

    Thanks everyone, and good luck in the new year!

  8. What type of business if you dont mind me asking.

  9. Solid work and dedication can work wonders...

    what do you do, (business that is)
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  10. I own a digital printing company, mostly large format stuff like signs, banners, vehicle wraps - but also of course do TONS of stickers vinl lettering & decals business cards, etc. etc. I knew it's what I wanted to do since I was about 17 (was actually for pre-pharmacy but I truly LOVE doing this stuff, and the people that I meet) so I am very fortunate I am able to do what I love right now and fortunate to be hanging on in this economy.

  11. Cool, time for some Am stickers people!

  12. What about AM decals?

  13. If the board owner is up for it and wants some, I am more than willing to make some. I am new here, so not sure if he has something else worked up with someone else - but if not i'd love to do so.


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