Arimidex for HCG monotherapy

  1. Arimidex for HCG monotherapy

    Hey I have read that Nolvadex (tamoxifen) use as an adjutant with HCG prevents the LH receptor down regulation that you would experience without it, while on HCG monotherapy. Other benefits of using tamoxifen whilst on HCG include its ability to increase responsiveness of the LH receptor to your bodies own LH, as well as ensure that Leydig Cells don't become desensatized to continued HCG use.

    My question is what type of effect does Arimidex have while used alongside HCG monotherapy? Does it have the same notable effects of Tamoxifen, including ensuring that your body doesn't become overly tolerant to continued, chronic use of HCG , albeit through a different pathway, as Arimidex is an AI and Nolvadex, a SERM?

  2. Wrong thread bro

  3. I've wondered the same thing, but it's only so relavent when one considers that extended use of tamoxifen is only recommended for cancer paients. It's a very poor choice for chronic use for this therapy. Obviously, arimidex is requisit for hcg monotherapy. If you want to add a serm, I'd look into raloxifene hcl.

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