Started T-250 cycle

  1. Started T-250 cycle

    Just started a cycle i'm a week in, and i started at 178Lbs. I have a before pic to post and i will post up some progress pics soon, hopefully clearer than the first pic.

    P.S. - i'm not posting any pics of the wheels till after i'm done.. lol.. they're way too skinny.

    P.S.S. - Must also thank MatthewD for listening to all my questions and helping me out with any probs i had along the way. Thanks Matt.


    Height: 5'11"
    Weight: 184Lbs
    L arm (in): 16"
    R arm (in): 16.25"

  2. nice car, eat like a horse to get them wheels up with squats.
    I have been making hella gains off cycle with just taking some advice from iron addict and dogg crapp. check this out if you havent already.
    oh and you should post some pics and maybe a timeslip on the cars thread.
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