1. Update......

    Here is another 6 week update...Bodyfat being real stubborn at this point..Up til now I have not done any aerobics..I just started brisk walking 30 mins now that the good weather is here....Weight is 258 down from 290 when I started but my body comp has changed..I finally got into a pair of 34 waist pants my goal is 29....No pro-hormones no Gear just heavy training and good diet....

    before pics..Octpober 2003

    Next is the 8 week picture
    Nov 20th 2003

    Jan 20th 2004

    March 10th 2004 45 years old 258lbs 34 waist....Still have a long road ahead but im beginning to see the light end of the tunnel plus im enjoying the ride..If ya look closely veins in biceps are starting to show,the lighting in this picture sux but vascularity is coming slowly....Next picture in 6-8 weeks will have the wheels and no tank.....God help me...lol

  2. *runs in the corner and cries*
    HOLY **** MAN!!!!!
    *deletes semi-recent pics*
    AWESOME WORK!!! Keep it up!!

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  3. Good good.. awesome work..

  4. Strong work madman, that's a damn good progression since October! BTW.... going for a 29" waist? How tall are you? I don't think my waist can physically be that small, lol I'll probably bottom out around 32-34" I think.

  5. Great Job Brother!!




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