1991 Bay State yours truly

  1. 1991 Bay State yours truly

    I just found these pictures I forgot i had them....Check it out 1991 Bay State and the Merrimack valley AAU

    I am on the comeback trail ya never know when your gonna get the itch again. now that im 50 years old maybe a grand master show is possible..
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  2. The Back
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  3. Here are a few more....The quality is not that good but you get the idea

    I am 4th from the left

    Top picture I placed 5th in my first show
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  4. Damn man, I bet that was a hell of a nostalgic moment pulling those out. Lookin good then and now!

  5. Quote Originally Posted by Jayhawkk View Post
    Damn man, I bet that was a hell of a nostalgic moment pulling those out. Lookin good then and now!
    hey Jayhawk thanks... ya it blew my mind thinking back to the pump up room backstage before the show it was awsome..

    <------------ Me now actually a little more cut i have been dieting but really starting to get the itch again.

  6. Man that is awsome. Was that all natural? Supplements weren't what they are today back then. 91' I was a year out of high school and in the Air Force. lol Wow, seems like forever...

  7. you could do a masters for sure.

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  8. look awesome man 91 i was barley 2 years old ;p!

  9. Hey Thanks you guys.I don't get to the forums much but this place is the best.
    My training is excellent i am in some what of a pre contest diet right now and the fat is slowly melting off.I can actually see viens again :-).The competitive juices are starting to flow again,like i always say you do not choose bodybuilding it chooses you and it's power is like crack cocain..Like Arnold used to say "I'll be back"...LOL


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